changing what i do as a result of lockdown

Anne Marie was fairly active before lockdown started, walking regularly an a daily basis. When lockdown was imposed she continued to take her daily walks as part of her routine, but saw the opportunity to improve fitness levels by doing different activities. Anne Marie had not previously taken part in Active Newcastle sessions, but when she was informed of the virtual offer by a family member she saw it as a great opportunity to try something new in the comfort of her own home. #StayInWorkOut

I can do the sessions in the comfort of my home where noone else can see

All Active Newcastle live sessions go on to the Active Newcastle YouTube channel daily. Anne Marie says "it is great the sessions are on YouTube so I can choose when to do them"

The sessions keep me going during lockdown

When asked how she found the sessions Anne Marie said "the sessions are really good, I feel invigorated and it gets the endorphins going". If you would like to take part in the sessions like Anne Marie, follow us on Facebook