taking the steps to an active and healthy life

Gavin has been an Active Newcastle member for the last 3 years. He initially got involved with the Active Newcastle Why Weight program to lose weight and better understand nutrition. Three years on he has developed a good routine and before lock down happened he was very active, hitting 10,000 steps a day, and actively taking part in yoga and weight sessions each week. When lock-down hit, Gavin had to think of other ways to keep moving regularly. He heard about our virtual offer via one of the Active Newcastle staff members. Since lock-down Gavin has been taking part in the live sessions each week.

The live sessions are really good to use especially to mix up routines as things can be a bit repetitive at the moment

Gavin has emphasised that the sessions are really easy to access via the Active Newcastle Facebook page and really straight forward to do with what you have in your surrounding. They're very versatile. Gavin says .. "I've met some awesome people because of the social aspect of the group in the past but this new aspect has been great to keep my health and fitness in check and helps keep me accountable. It makes me feel really good after doing the workouts as I feel like I've physically done something that day" "I love what Active Newcastle are doing to support the community with health fitness in these tricky times. I have and always recommend friends and family. Especially during this lockdown period as those who want to get some exercise and aren't that confident this way they can do it with guidance in their own home"

To find out more about our live sessions search for Active Newcastle on Facebook