learn to ride

Total Beginner
Wendy started attending Learn to Ride Sessions in September 2019. Wendy had not learnt to ride as a child but had some experience as an adult, however she was not very confident on a bike As her husband cycled, she was keen to join him and took the plunge and signed up to the Learn to Ride Sessions at Walker Activity Dome

The sessions are run by qualified instructors Yvette and Les

Wendy praised the instructors and the training highlighting that the 121 sessions boosted her confidence and she quickly developed the skills she needed

Cycling is for everyone - find out how you can be involved and email activenewcastle@newcastle.gov.uk

Wendy even managed to cycle confidently on her holiday with her husband where she hired a bike She is now taking part in regular Active Newcastle rides and is confident to go out with her husband using the cycle paths and cycle lanes