from not being able to cycle at all to cycling in

Total Beginner
Jacky saw an advert in Newcastle City Life magazine advertising free cycle training. She had always wanted to be more confident on a bike but never got round to it. She was keen to cycle with her family and take trips out on the bikes

I decided to take the steps so i could get out and about on with my partner

Jacky had cycled as a child but had not been on a bike for 15 years - she could sit on the bike and peddle in a straight line but could not turn the bike She met the learn to ride team and had 4 lessons building confidence and then slowly built up to cycling further and finally navigated more tricky routes. As Jacky didn't have a bike the team provided the equipment

I have now cycled in Berlin, Alicante, Krakow

Jacky ' praised the understanding of the instructors ' and says her increased confidence has opened up opportunities If you would like more information about the Learn to Ride sessions we run please contact: We run complete beginner learn to ride sessions to confidence on your commute sessions