exercise should be fun

Active Newcastle Instructor
I work for Active Newcastle and help deliver the exercise referrals programmes across the city. My role involves promoting the benefits of exercise and a healthy lifestyle to the various groups and individuals I work with. I see myself as a first point in getting someone on their exercise journey.

I'm motivated by seeing the positive impact

I enjoy exercising and the positive feeling I get from doing it so being able to encourage others to also do this is very rewarding. Seeing people grow in confidence as they make positive changes is very satisfying and it’s great to see the social element which exercise brings. I’ve always been into sports and a lot of my friends come from taking part in these activities. I’m motivated by seeing the positive impact that exercising can have on an individual’s life. Everyone is different and has personal goals so no matter how small a change is if it has a benefit then it’s worth doing. My aim is to show people that exercise should be fun and its just about finding the right type of exercise for you. I personally enjoy gyms and exercising in them but there is so much more which can count towards our exercise. We offer a range of sessions suitable for all abilities so look forward to working with new people in the future.