andy - why weight programme

Referral Programme
Andy was referred to the Active Newcastle Why Weight programme in the summer of 2017. He was always active but doing the wrong things and after loosing his sight and being put on medication he started gaining weight. The referral in September 2017 was in Andy’s words a ‘game changer ‘. Andy started attending the sessions under the guidance of Simon, on of the Active Newcastle practitioners looking at his nutrition and talking about what he had been doing in terms of exercise and why that wasn’t working. A higher intensity regime was agreed along with cardio. Sticking to this new process and way of life has seen a gradual weight loss and sustained weight loss as well as a change of lifestyle for Andy and his wife Andy states he has been he has ‘been happy throughout this process’ and his lifestyle and mental well-being is now a positive one. Andy has said he now feels great all the time and he would urge people to act

If you do it, it really does work

He says ‘if you do it, it really does work; Simon has been a great support to me and helped me throughout the transition, stick to the concept and change habits’ The Why Weight programme is a referral programme – if you feel you need support with your weight and want to change your habits and add activity and better nutrition visit your GP and discuss the option of a referral into the programme Active Newcastle and partners offer a variety of free and low-cost activities across the city, there is something for everyone – if you are just starting out or simply want to add a little more activity in to your day to day life there are options for everyone