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Spotlight Feature: Gavin

Spotlight Feature: Gavin

Active Health (gym, nutrition and circuits)

Gavin has been attending Active Newcastle's Gym and nutrition referral sessions for 12 months

He was originally referred in to the programme by his GP due to being overweight and a need to get his mental wellbeing in check.  Gavin knew he needed to take the step to being more active and healthy in order in his words to be "a better partner for his wife and for his kids"

Gavin initially took part in the 12-week Active Health programme, improving his nutritional knowledge and taking steps to being active. He learnt to enjoy being active again and was more aware of the foods he was eating.


Gavin says: " The main thing I got out of the sessions was learning to be a healthier version of myself and a better example to my kids. I was in a really low place before deciding to give this programme a go "

"I couldn’t have got to the level of fitness I am at without the Active Newcastle Instructors Matty and Noel. I am now 5 stone lighter and a lot happier in myself. I have even gained the confidence to take part in the GNR in 2019. I used to take pain killer medication daily for back pain. The fact that I no longer take this shows that it was worth it. I even started an Instagram page @gavgetsfit so I can document my journey"

The Active Health programme is a referral session.  If you or anyone you know needs the help and support a programme like this can give speak with your GP and ask them about the Active Newcastle, Active Health Programme 


If you would like more information or are inspired to get in to activity let us know here or visit the activity finder for open/non referred sessions