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Case Study - Sharon Steinmetz – Active Newcastle Golf

Case Study - Sharon Steinmetz – Active Newcastle Golf

Sharon has been attending Active Newcastle sessions since January 2015.  She began her Active Newcastle journey attending the Beginners’ Running for Ladies at Gosforth Central Park. After her experience on Millionth Runner (Great North Run) event, she was inspired to have a go and see if she could manage GNR herself instead of just watching it on TV! 

Sharon managed to run up to 7k, but then unfortunately broke her ankle (stress fracture) Nevertheless, she kept in touch with Active Newcastle and heard about the other activities on offer which included the women’s golf sessions.


Sharon loves the informal nature of the Golf sessions and says

“We meet beforehand and have a chat over tea and cake before having an hour or so coaching, either on driving range or out on the golf course.  We’re exercising out in fresh air but it doesn’t feel like exercising!  We attempt to hit a ball as far as we can and we share and enjoy each other’s successes and failures in equal measures!”

Quite often people hesitate to join in with something new on their own and  if they can’t find someone to go with them, they don’t bother going at all. 

Sharon states “I was like that but then took the plunge and haven’t looked back; you don’t need someone to go with, just make a phone call, send a text or email and let the organiser know to expect you and that’s it – you won’t regret it”


If you would like to try something new like Sharon contact us: