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Case Study - Emma - Running

Case Study - Emma - Running

16 months ago, Emma, did no form of exercise and was a self-confessed couch potato.  Through a friend’s encouragement, she took part in small-organised runs, before coming across the Active Newcastle This Girl Can running groups.


As a way of achieving a short term goal of running 5k, she signed up to the group for motivation, even though she was terrified of attending. Just over a year later, Emma trained as a running group leader with This Girl Can.

“I started running around 16 months ago and have never looked back and this is all to do with Active Newcastle’s This Girl Can running groups and the incredible support network of the ladies I have met and had the pleasure of running with.

“In the past, I would definitely never been classed as your typical fitness person. I have always been social but took part in as least exercise as possible, especially the organised kind.

“I was never able to even run to the end of the street, let alone 5k. Then in April 2016, I came across the Active Newcastle This Girl Can running groups and thought this would be an ideal way to start running and achieve my goal.

“I plucked up the courage to go and couldn't have met a more supportive, lovely group of ladies.

“No one ever gets left behind and the encouragement and inclusion is amazing. We regularly do running events together and always support each other no matter what.

“I'm now really happy to be able to count these ladies amongst my really good friends, both within and outside of running.”

Emma is still relatively new to running and believes that running together can improve confidence and self esteem.

“Running has massively improved my confidence in both my running and other areas of my life, and my self-esteem.  It has also given me the opportunity and drive to try new things, that I would never have tried before.”

“It's been great to meet even more incredible ladies, learn a new skill, be challenged and have fun “


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