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Case Study: Cycling

Case Study: Cycling

Learn to Ride and Beginners Social Ride

Riza has recently started taking part in Active Newcastle sessions.  She came over to the UK in July 2017 to work as a paediatric nurse at the RVI

Riza noticed a lot of people out and about in Newcastle on their bikes and this inspired her to want to learn to ride to commute to work.  After a bad experience learning to ride as a child she had not sat on a saddle, but was keen to start again.  

Riza found out about the learn to ride sessions and started the course in February 2018.  She trained with Yvette and Les who run the learn to ride sessions.  They worked through balance, navigation and confidence building


Riza admitted the frustrations of learning to ride as she didn’t pick it up straight away, but the support and encouragement from the instructors kept her coming back each session.  Within a few months Riza was riding


She has now started on the beginner’s social rides that Active Newcastle run weekly with a trained ride leader.  She is getting out and about on the weekends on her new bike and growing in confidence each time.


She is also encouraging her colleagues and friends to learn to ride and get out on their bikes.  Riza says she is “so happy she made the decision to learn to ride, it has given me more confidence and is something I have talked to the children about on the wards and shared stories with them”



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