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Case Study - Christine – Why Weight

Case Study - Christine – Why Weight

Christine joined the Why Weight programme in February 2017 when her doctor recommended the scheme for her. She was feeling down and unhappy about her appearance and was very isolated and knew she needed to do something
The Why Weight Programme has helped Christine understand food and nutrition; look at portion size; and introduced her to ways of being active. The involvement in the programme with a constant group has been a great support and Christine has made some great friends who she socialises with
outside of the programme. The Why Weight Coaches Noel and Matty have always been on hand to support Christine too and she has struck up a great relationship with the team members.

In the time Christine has participated in the Why Weight programme she has dropped an amazing 5 stone.
She says “my life has completely changed, I am so much more positive, and healthier and I now socialise which I never did before “
Since losing the weight Christine has been able to plan her wedding, and she is looking forward to wearing her beautiful wedding dress in September
“Before losing the weight, I never imagined wearing a wedding dress. Now I cannot wait”.
Christine has maintained her healthy life style and being active and loves attending the sessions the Active Health team put on each week

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