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Join us in our 7 week virtual festive challenge - Couch2Christmas

Take part in 2 activities per week and join 100's of people in Newcastle in counting their steps.

Don't worry if walking isn't for you - we have a handy converter that you can convert any activity so that it counts.

We want the people of Newcastle to come together as a collective virtually, get involved and keep each other motivated.

Over the 7 weeks participants will use the Step Up Newcastle app to record a collective of the cities steps.

Each week Couch 2 Christmas will encourage you to take part in 2 fun activity of your choice, and one additional smaller festive challenge that will be set by Active Newcastle. If you attempt this additional challenge you can choose to be entered into the weekly prize drawer.

Activity can be anything and we will provide examples of this throughout the 7 weeks

  • walking the dog
  • taking the stairs
  • doing the gardening
  • hoovering
  • dancing

We will provide a simple convertor so people doing anything other than walking can convert activity into steps and add them to the Step Up Newcastle app.

So get signed up to the app today and get ready for the Couch 2 Christmas launch on 2nd November ...create your own teams to challenge your friends, neighbours and colleagues and lets have some festive fun.


#Couch2Chritmas #StepUpNewcastle