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The 6-14th June is #BikeWeek - we asked to hear from our Active Newcastle members to share stories and photos  smiley

We love to hear what you are all getting up to and how you are keeping active.. so get in touch yes

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Ride Leaders


Krish loves cycling

Krish's mum got in touch with Active Newcastle to share some images of Krish cycling. Krish normally takes part in sessions every Saturday at Exhibition Park as part of Gosforth Cyling Club

We love the club.

Krish has learnt so many cycling skills with the club, which help him to be a safe and a better cyclist for life. Krish's mum expressed that the club "make it fun for the children and it's all run by volunteers which is great". We hope you are enjoying cycling during lock-down Krish and would love to see more of your cycling adventures