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During these current times we are finding more and more people taking to their bikes or walking into work.  Our key workers and healthcare professionals in the region have been sharing their experiences and stories around their commute to work.  (Please note - names have been changed in this article) 

Cycling gives us the headspace before and after work

Sarah a healthcare professional from the RVI Newcastle got in touch to let us know she and a group of her colleagues regularly commute to work on their bikes. Some have always done this but some have taken it up since lockdown, finding the confidence to cycle and taking the opportunity to cycle on the quieter routes. Sarah expressed the enjoyment of cycling in to work and although she has always done this has found the quieter roads during lockdown much easier to navigate with less issues on route. The cycle too and from work gives those healthcare professionals the headspace they need to process the day ahead on the way in and also the day they have had when they finish their shifts.

Those who have taken up the cycling commute during lockdown have said they have built their confidence to be able to continue when the roads may get busier. They have also noted they are keen to see the developments of the city infrastructure to support more people commuting to work on foot and by bike If you would like information on how you can plan your route to work, if you are a key worker or planning ahead please get in touch on: