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This summer Newcastle City Council in partnership with StreetGames delivered a £1.1m programme to help tackle ‘holiday hunger’. The project funded by The Department of Education launched in July and worked with over 62 partners across 120 venues, NBSE supplied free multi-sports activities, arts and crafts and day trips.


Attendance at projects increased by over 15,000 visits between July and August, with Sporting Chance having the highest attendance of children turning up on one day with 114. Each project was specifically tailored to the facilities range of skills, while most stuck to sports, games and crafts others expanded into rock climbing, boxing, trampolining, surfing and horse riding, and for many of the children these were new experiences that they wouldn’t have got to have this summer without NBSE. Parent, said: “I want it to continue as long as it can, I’ve seen a lot of advantages for the children rather than them just sitting at home in front of the TV, playing on the computer, or playing games they’ve been able to come here and bond with other kids and learn new skills.” When speaking with the kids one-on-one the most popular comments were: “I enjoy being outside and not stuck in the house” and “I enjoy getting to see my friends over the summer”. While the weather wasn’t always great, the projects and session providers did an amazing job at tailoring activities for participants. Indoor sports, cooking classes, gardening workshops, athletics, races and exotic animal visits are just some of the clever ideas used by the session providers to keep kids happy and entertained and if that wasn’t enough some embraced the rain and went outside for water balloon fights. Some of the most popular activities over the summer included horse riding at Stepney Bank Stables, trampolining at Newcastle Trampoline Park which sold out in the first few weeks of the project starting, football with JJ Sports Coaching who had to provide extra sessions and boxing with Sporting Chance. It was the aim of Newcastle’s Best Summer Ever to ensure that every participant would receive at least one hour of physical activity a day and receive a free healthy meal at every project attended, supplying over 22,000 meals over the summer.