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At Home

At Home

It's convenient, comfortable and safe to move more at home.

You can add movement to your day in the privacy and convenience of your home. No need to go out or face bad weather, you can even do activities in your pyjamas.

Any household chores you do are already active but you could put on some music to add a bit of boogie to your movements. This will increase the intensity and make your chores go by a little bit quicker.

Playing games with your family can get everyone moving and is definitely more entertaining than trying to find something everyone wants to watch on the telly. 

Even the TV and internet can help too. Instructional videos can guide you through activities in your home. You can even do your own exercises while getting your normal entertainment.

Frequently asked questions

No- use household props you already have - challenge yourself and your family to think of fun ideas

The internet is a great tool to find ideas and examples of things to do in the house. Also sharing ideas with other families works well, you could even do things together