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Fun At Work

Fun At Work

Adding activity to places you go to everyday is a great way to build habits, get headspace, and refresh your energy levels.
There are a number of organised sessions at or near workplaces, but even going on a walk or finding an outdoor space to sit adds regular movement to your daily life and, helps you keep a work-life balance. Or you can find something to do just before or after work so you get your activity in without eating into your home and leisure time.

You can even “sneak” active time to your day by taking the stairs more, using bathrooms and printers that are further away, and taking regular breaks from sitting. A few small changes add up to a lot more active time every week.

Frequently asked questions

There are lots of tips on the internet and national initiative days you can tap into - Walking month, cycle to work day/week

The North East Better Health at Work Award is a could stop for employers to start looking at health and wellbeing in the workplace- find out more