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This Girl Can Newcastle

This Girl Can Newcastle

This Girl Can Newcastle is co-ordinated by Active Newcastle and is part of the national This Girl Can campaign developed by Sport England.
This Girl Can Newcastle is a campaign that celebrates our North East women and girls getting active their way - whatever that may look like. We believe that there is no right way to get active - if it gets your heart rate up (feeling a bit puffed out) - it counts!

Our Fit Got Real campaign highlights this and celebrates the creative ways women and girls adapt activity to fit into their busy everyday lives!
We want to help women and girls overcome the fear of judgement that is stopping far too many from joining in and becoming more active.

We also want to recognise the role that the men and boys in our lives play in supporting us to be more active.
We want all women and girls to feel that THEY CAN and we are here to share stories, tips and opportunities - to inspire and support one another to take part regardless of ability and past experiences.

This Girl Can Newcastle is on Facebook and Instagram - follow us to join our community and show your support!




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