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  • About Us

    At Active Newcastle we want to get more people active to try and reduce health inequalities across the city. We offer a variety of activities covering various wards, all of which are delivered by fully qualified coaches who will support participants throughout their journey. Our aim is to decrease inactivity levels within the city and get people moving through a range of easily accessible activities such as walking, cycling, gentle wellbeing, yoga, table tennis etc. We currently work with several partners from a variety of industry workplaces, private companies offering activities across the city

    You can keep up to date with all of our sessions (including partner activities) through our activity finder and Facebook pages, alternatively if you would like to receive our monthly newsletter please get in touch

    Find out what we and our partners offer here


  • Make it easier to get involved

    We work together with the community and partners to provide active opportunities for people in Newcastle. We put a strong emphasis on understanding what would motivate you and making your experience better and reducing barriers to taking part.

    To do this we design, run and promote a variety of programmes alongside the partners we work closely with. There are options to learn the basic skills of a sport or activity, to help you fit active time into your day e.g. workplace activities, to be active with your family and friends Many of these activities are free or at low cost. See if you can find something for you using our activity finder.

  • Real reasons People do the activity they do

    Most of the time messages about exercise promotion are focused entirely on health. We get told exercise is something we “should” do and that we “must” move more to prevent chronic diseases. The health benefits of being active are impressive, but that’s not the main reason most people take part, there is so much more to being active.

    You can take part in activities that you enjoy, give you time to yourself, help you relax and destress, have good banter, have a strong community feel, give you energy, are in scenic outdoor venues and help you progress and develop skills. You don’t have to take part in anything that makes activity into a chore. Research suggests that people who are active enjoy lower stress levels, have more energy, have fun and most importantly happier.

    Let’s make Newcastle a healthy and happy city #NewcastleCan

  • Every move you do counts as Active

    We promote all forms of physical activity, not just sport and exercise classes. Most things we do daily involve us moving and being active. We underestimate gardening, taking breaks from sitting, playing games with family, taking part in hobbies, travelling by foot or bike (or scooter) but all of these count as active.
    For example, taking the stairs burns more energy per minute than jogging, some gardening activities are more intense than a general gym workout, taking breaks from sitting helps boost your metabolism, and walking counts as moderate exercise.
    There are a lot of ways you are already active and a lot of ways you can choose to add more. See our guide about being active at home, work, play and travel.

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